Island Greece: Travel through Dodecanese islands on a yacht

How can Greece attract tourists from all over the world except for ancient buildings, olive groves and friendly people? Of course, the answer is sea adventures. Modern Greece includes several island archipelagos, which are perfect for yacht travel. Today we will talk about Dodecanese islands. Those islands can make you fall in love with them from the first look. This is why they attract so many tourists every year.

Best among equals – the Rhodes Island

It is better to start your yacht travel with Rhodes Island. It is a real pearl and a cultural center among all Dodecanese archipelago. It is well known as the “Sunny Island”. It is almost impossible to argue with this nickname. Despite that, it has several waters for yachting so this is a good place to start your huge sea journey. On Rhodes Island, you can easily rent any kind of yacht and find a multilingual skipper, who can offer you the most picturesque and safe rout among the Dodecanese islands.

Of course, the main showplace of the Rhodes Island is the capital with the same name. There are many places to visit on this Island. On the other hand, the capital is not the only reason of Rhodes being so famous. There are many interesting sights all over the island. However if you decide to start your journey with Rhodes or if you disembark here for a day at least, you will not regret it.

First, you should visit Lindos town. This is one of the most beautiful places not only on the island but also on the whole archipelagos. Dorians founded Lindos in the sixth century B.C. This town shines brightly on the Rhodes coast under the Greek sun. The best place to visit is the beach near the town. This is the only place where you can find the most beautiful lagoons. If you get a permission beforehand, you can anchor your yacht in one of those. The beach is wonderful and the ancient castle on the top of the hill above the city will stay in your memory forever. This is a perfect place to take a memorable picture.

If you are fond of ancient Greek architecture, you can find the most exiting examples in the ancient city Kamiros. This is the main sight of Rhodes. This is a huge Dorian town, which is now preserved only in the form of archaeological monument. You should definitely visit this open-air museum.

It is understood that 1 day is definitely not enough to cover all the beauty Kamiros can share, but you have to see the Seven Sources and a sand bar which the Greeks call “the kiss if the two seas”. This short sand stripe separates Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, if you like beach holidays, you have the unique opportunity to bathe in the waters of two different seas with a one-minute difference! Finally, after you look at the beautiful Church of St. Panteleimon, you should visit the Valley of butterflies. You will not find this kind of beauty anywhere else.

Besides, Rhodes long time ago became a popular starting point for those who are going to walk on a yacht in the Greek waters. The infrastructure developed very well. There is no lack of yachts rent and skippers.

Sights of Lesvos

Who hasn’t heard of the Lesvos Island? It is shrouded in myths and legends of the ancient Greeks. Today, this island appears a “must-see” visiting point for anyone who is traveling to Greece on a yacht. Besides thousands of tourists every year from all around the world, come directly to this island. There are several reasons. First of all, the beautiful nature of the Lesvos Island. Another big reason is a convenient geographic position. It is located almost at the intersection of all the popular sea routes Dodkanesskih islands.

Besides picturesque harbor town and excellent beaches, Lesvos may surprise you, even if you approached the island for only a few hours. The island is relatively large, but the main sights can be reached on a car very fast.

Many tourists are attracted to the Lesvos Petrified Forest – a unique sight for the whole world, protected by UNESCO. It is one hundred and fifty square kilometers of territory filled with fossilized ancestors of the today’s cypresses. They turned into stone about two million years ago. The spectacle is amazing. Everyone who came to the island should definitely see this natural wonder.

The archaeological jewel of the Aegean Sea is the Thermi settlement. This large settlement is more than three thousand years. It was first excavated less than a hundred years ago and today the monument is accessible to any tourist who visited Lesbos. In addition, it is highly recommended to go to Mytilini Castle. Construction of this castle is attributed to the Byzantines or the Venetians. No one really knows who built it. Inside there is an interesting museum. The view of the medieval castle on the hill – the best background for memorable photos from your Greece adventure.

If you like tasty food you should visit the museum of olive oil. Everybody knows that olive oil is a huge part of all Greek culture. The museum shows all the known methods of manufacture. There you can buy a bottle of the best olive oil from all that you have ever tasted.

Finally, before sail from Lesvos go to the Bird Island. This island has unique nature. It is dotted with olive groves and orchards. This island has it’s mane for the fact that for many centuries is “staging post” for migratory birds across the Mediterranean. This is where you can meet three hundred species of birds. In addition, the island itself is striking with its beauty and originality.

The Kos island paradise

Perhaps the Kos Island can really be called the little paradise of the Aegean Sea area. You can’t find this concentration of interesting sights and natural beauty nowhere else in Greece. Not surprisingly, that today almost all travel agencies that organize sea travels on a yacht among the Greek islands, offer to visit this beautiful island. Not to mention the fact that last year the island of Kos was among the ten cheapest tourist destinations in the Mediterranean.

Of course, the main sight of Kos Island is its unique nature. The white sand beaches and warm pebble beaches, and the crystal-clear sea. The island has many small rocky coves where you can anchor your boat. However, if you have already decided to stop here, be sure to look at all the beauty this wonderful island can share.

Asklepion of Kos is the oldest medical centers of Greece. It was built back in 357 BC in honor of the god Asklepios, which patronized medicine in the ancient Greeks religion. This is where patients where treated with the system of legendary Hippocrates. Today the entire complex is the largest archaeological monument.

Those who prefer relaxing holidays will enjoy hot springs Embrosa of Kos. Those are natural hot pools of hot water. Moreover, it is a very picturesque and peaceful place (they are not crowded with tourists). The scientists proved that the waters of Embrosa springs have beneficial effect on human body.

The island has many architectural monuments from different eras. In the capital, you may find Islamic mosques and Christian churches. It is worth it to look at the impressive The Knights of Saint John Castle, built in the fourteenth century. When paving the yacht route through the Dodecanese islands, do not forget to designate a stop at the island of Kos – one of the most interesting Greek resorts.

Discovering the ancient Dodecanese archipelago

In addition to the main resorts the majority of Dodkanesskie islands are almost ideal for a sea voyage on a yacht. They are equipped with convenient harbors and the picturesque coves will definitely delight you. Of course, we must not forget about several beautiful sights.

Of all the islands we should mention first Patmos, Kalymnos, Astypalaia, Symi, Samos and Chios. Each of them has something to see.

Patmos is covered with outlandish area of Greek islands wildlife. It is famous for a variety of cliffs and headlands. It is a true pleasure to enjoy the view while gently rocking on the waves on your yacht. There is no special tourist influx. This is perfect place for a yacht holiday. The island has many good beaches. The main sight of Patmos is the Monastery of St. John. It is located right in the Cave of the Apocalypse which is the pride of the island.

The island of Kalymnos is famous for its delicious honey and beautiful views. It is filled with beaches and cozy coves. If you are planning to strop there for a couple of days it is highly recommended to visit the Museum of marine findings and an ancient castle built in the eleventh century perfectly preserved to our days.

Historically and geographically, Astypalaia belongs to the Cyclades Islands. However, administratively the island belongs to the Dodecanese archipelago. If you fly over the island, you will notice that its shape resembles a butterfly with spread wings. Sea travelers are welcome in the port town of Pera Yialos. This was the first Greek settlement on the island. Astypalaia is the perfect place for a beach holiday. Therefore, when you are a bit bored with the pitching sea, moor in the harbor and go for the best beaches in the archipelago.

Another beautiful area of the Aegean Sea is the island of Kimi. It is located only in twenty-five kilometers from the biggest island in the Dodecanese archipelago – the Rhodes. It has been longworld-renowned for their local craftsmen products who create the most incredible yachts. It is a real paradise for yachting lovers. Connoisseurs of architecture would love this place as well. There are more than two hundred churches and cathedrals of different eras on Kimi Island.

You should visit the Port of Samos Island at least to see the true beauty of Greece nature, which was sung once by Herodotus. Today it is one of the most popular Greek islands for tourists from around the world. It is also important that Pythagoras is born in Samos. If you are a bit tired from concurring the Aegean sea Samos Island is a perfect place to have some rest. There are plenty of historical monuments, beaches and entertainment facilities here.

The small island of Chios is the birthplace of the Greek tulips .There are 10 unique species of tulips that grow only in Greece 4 of which you may find here. Island of Chios is also the motherland of unique Greek ornaments that decorate almost all homes in more than five dozen local villages. You can also find gorgeous beaches on Chios. This place is perfect for those who love quiet and carefree holidays. However, if you wish you may go hiking to explore the fifth largest island of Greece.

Itinerary Informations

Departure: Kos Total distance: 240 nautical miles approximately

1st day: Embarkation
2nd day: Kos – Pserimos – Vathi (Kalymnos) (12 nm)
3rd day: Kalymnos – Xirokambos – Lakki (Leros) (14 nm)
4th day: Leros – Lipsos (11 nm)
5th day: Lipsos – Arki – Patmos (12 nm)
6th day: Patmos – Levithas (20 nm)
7th day: Levithas – Kamari Kephalos (Kos) (28 nm)
8th day: Kamari – Nisiros (12 nm)
9th day: Nisiros – Tilos (15 nm)
10th day: Tilos – Rhodes (42 nm)
11th day: Rhodes – Lindos (Rhodes) (20 nm)
12th day: Lindos – Simi (42 nm)
13th day: Simi
14th day: Simi – Kos (35 nm)
15th day: Disembarkation