The cyclades

On the boat through the Greek seas. Cyclades Islands

Greece – one of the most attractive parts of the Mediterranean. Marble temples, a huge historical heritage, and beautiful beaches – all of this you can find in Greece. Yacht enthusiasts are not interested too much in resorts on the mainland. However, the picturesque Cycladic islands are perfect for sea voyage as if they were for this purpose intentionally. Let’s begin our little journey with the most beautiful and interesting places.

Mykonos and Santorini

What is the island of Mykonos today? It is the most famous and popular place of the Cyclades islands. It is closely associated with the Greek myths and promises you a fabulous beach holiday. A lot of tourists prefer to start their yacht trip with this place and there are many reasons for this.

First of all, the island is geographically located at the crossroads of major trade routes and tourist areas. Secondly, Mykonos is well known for its multicultural flavor and relaxing atmosphere. Third, this place can be called the “face” of the Cyclades islands – white houses, old mills, beautiful churches, ports and harbors, filled with ordinary fishing boats, standing in the shadow of luxury yachts. Well, of course I should mention the azure waters of the Aegean Sea, which beach tourists are so fond of.

Among the main sights of Mykonos we should mention:

  • Church of the Virgin Paraportiani (it was built by the Byzantines. You can find it the church near the port);
  • Alefkandra, which is well known as “Little Venice”;
  • Museum of Archaeology;
  • Museum of the Aegean Sea.

Second on our list, is the Santorini Island. This is a very popular place among tourists and archaeologists. For the past half a century Santorini is considered one of the possible locations of the legendary Atlantis.

What can this island share? Why should you anchor your boat here for some time and take a break from your sea adventures? Santorini is the jewel of the Cyclades islands and a place capable of permanently settle in your heart a love for Greece. Romantic sunsets, warm sea, excellent beaches, perfect local kitchen, aromatic wine, infinitely beautiful architecture, beautiful nature … It is simply impossible to name all the advantages of Santorini. To experience all the atmosphere of this lovely island you should see it with your own eyes.

Yachts of celebrities always fill the harbor and bays of this wonderful island so if you wish to meet celebrities during your vacation this is a perfect place. Many actors keep coming to this island for work because a lot of filmmakers are attracted to this magical place.

The view of the volcano in the center of the crescent island is very impressing. Today’s island is just a small part of what it used to be.

Greek Islands you should visit

Most tourists go to the mainland of Greece, but for those who are traveling on a boat, the most attractive places to stop and rest are Greek islands. Number of these islands in the Aegean sea is quite vast.

Beauty of Serifos

Serifos Island is well known for its beautiful nature and relatively small dimensions. The lovely port meets all sea travelers. Above it there is a settlement called Chora. This is a good example of classical Cycladic village. You may meet there beautiful bays, meadows and sandy beaches. By the way, you will not find anywhere else such a fine sandy coast. Archeologists have found traces of many cultures on this island. For example ancient Greeks, Minoas and Romans. The legendary Perseus, who defeated the Medusa, was born here according to the mythology.

Another good place to take a break from rocking on the waves is the island of Sifnos. From a distance, one can see its blue roofed white houses. The main attraction here besides the monuments of Greek religion is the local cuisine. Sifnos is considered a perfect place for fishermen. You can find here several fishermen villages. For those who are fond architecture Sifnos has prepared 350 churches, which are dated to different eras. What could be better than the picturesque bays, Rockie Mountains and long beaches? This place is worth it to anchor here for a while.

All Cyclades Islands havebeautiful nature, however, we can distinguish Milos, which is not only very beautiful, but also has a very long history. You probably know about the Venus de Milo, which was found on this island. It is a fact that Milos was one of the first islands of the Cyclades where people settled.

Tourists are attracted to this place by the ancient buildings and a pleasant climate. The most popular beach is in the bay Sarakiniko – one of the most beautiful places of the island Greece. You should also visit the cave of Sykia where you will discover an incredible view.

The island of Delos is a unique open-air museum. This place almost lacks infrastructure, hotels, beaches and large luxury stores, which makes Delos a great place for a sea voyage on a yacht. the myths of ancient Greece often refer to this island and now only archaeologists live here. Usually a tour to Delos can be accessed only with a guide.

Paros Island is famous for its golden beaches, which are washed by the clear waters of the Aegean Sea. This is a very picturesque island, whose history dates back almost three thousand years. Paros was always a very important place Greeks. Large deposits of white and pink marble are located on this island. Ancient Greeks used these materials to build their temples. If you deside to stay on this beautiful island for a day or two you will find many interesting places here. Greek temple – Ekatontapyliani is considered one of the most important monuments. beach lovers also consider this place as a paradise, because all the beaches of Paros are marked with a “Blue Flag”.

A stopover at the Greek island of Tinos during a sea voyage on a yacht can be just as interesting.

This island is located close to Andros and is separated from it with a small strait. Tinos is a sacred island where stands the church of Our Lady and the miracle-working icon. The ancient Greek god of wind Aeolus lived here on the mountain Tsiknyas. However, the main feature of Tinos is a complete lack of tourists, because this place is very hard to reach if you do not have a yacht. This is why this island is considered the best place for yacht travelers.

Saying goodbye to Greece

Of course, it is impossible to visit all Cyclades islands during one single yacht trip, however there are some places you absolutely have to see other than the main sea routes.

For example, on the Kea Island, which is one of the largest islands of the archipelago, we can find famous atmosphere of ancient Greek myths. It is located very close to Athens and amazes all tourists with its pristine nature and wonderful beaches.

If you decide to explore the western part of the Cycladic Islands, do not forget to swim in the harbor of Kythnos. This is a mountain island with many small villages and monuments of antiquity.

If you enjoy watching picturesque bays island of Ios will most likely be a paradise for you. There you will find all that Greece is famous for, from the huge olive groves and vineyards to the beautiful mountain panoramas. This view will make you forget about all the problems and feel free. The great ancient poet Homer was buried here.

Well, finally, we advise you to go to the island of Antiparos, which is located near Paros. You will have a chance to discover the story of one of the oldest islands of the Cyclades. Beatiful nature of this place will absolutely impress you. Tourists come here for excellent beaches and architectural monuments of different eras.

Sea adventures in Greece

Thus, the trip on a yacht to Greece may become the unforgettable sea adventure. Just to draw up a route and to plunge into the unique atmosphere of the Cyclades!

Itinerary Informations

Departure: Athens Total distance: 355 nautical miles approximately

1st day: Embarkation
2nd day: Athens – Sounio – Kea (Vourkari) (40 nm)
3rd day: Kea – Loutra (Kithnos) (20 nm)
4th day: Loutra – Siros – Mykonos (40 nm)
5th day: Mykonos – Delos – Paros (25 nm)
6th day: Paros – los (25 nm)
7th day: los – Sikinos -Thira (20 nm)
8th day: Thira – Folegandros (30 nm)
9th day: Folegandros – Kimolos – Sifnos (20 nm)
10th day: Sifnos – Serifos (20 nm)
11th day: Serifos – Merichas (Kithnos) (15 nm)
12th day: Merichas – Poros (45 nm)
13th day: Poros – Aegina (30 nm)
14th day: Aegina – Athens (25 nm)
15th day: Disembarkation